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I can't make music on a computer, and I haven't gotten around to learning flash yet. Tho that may be a good thing with my sense of humor, all i gotta say on that is take a baby, and a paint shaker, and you have a new way to test for motion sickness. And for anyone with a worse mind than mine, the baby DOES NOT go in the paint shaker.

Anyway I posted my art work for the masses to critic and comment on. Most of my work I feel works best for like desktop backgrounds, or something similar. I actually just want to see what everyone thinks about them. It's an easy way to pass the time, which, thanks to the American "economy", I have plenty now a days.

And if anyone is curious after seeing my art, It's all done on the computer with a program called Artrage. I like it, it's easy to use and lets you paint without all the expensive equipment, not to mention one accidental flick of the wrist, and a painting is ruined whenusing traditional painting, with Artrage all you gotta do is hit CTRL+Z (undo).

Well, if you like my art, let me know, if not, still let me know.